Dolwen Upton Ryeland stock ram & reserve breed champion at Stafford show

Our Story

Our flock of Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland sheep was started in 2010 with the grand total of three ewe lambs. Our flock has grown considerably yet our passion for the breed and our ethos of high welfare, compassionate farming remains the same. We selected our foundation breeding ewes from well established, successful bloodlines; with our aim to produce quality, true to type sheep.

Since starting our flock we have enjoyed breeding and showing our sheep, producing products from their fleeces and helping others establish or add to their own flocks. We are passionate about Ryelands and believe they are a truly versatile native breed.

Our Flock

Our Ryeland flock holds the prefix of Fairfax with our pedigree number of 01785. Ryeland sheep can sometimes produce coloured offspring. These individuals don’t carry the gene for whiteness and when bred with another Coloured Ryeland will always produce coloured lambs. Our Coloured Ryeland flock holds the prefix of Moat with our pedigree number of 439C.

Our sheep, as with most Ryelands, are incredibly friendly; allowing us the opportunity to interact and witness their individual personalities closely.

Most years we have a limited number of stock for sale including lambs, yearlings and breeding ewes which are advertised on our social media accounts and also here on the website.

We welcome visitors, by appointment, who are considering keeping Ryeland or Coloured Ryeland sheep. Please call or email us if you would like to arrange a flock visit.

Meet the Team


Mr Setter


Originally from Ireland but relocating and joining the business in 2012, Mr Setter has been instrumental in the development and expansion of the flock.

In his spare time he enjoys running, digging for field mice and cuddles.


Mr Springer

Managing Director

After Joining the business in 2016, Mr Springer has successfully  overseen the implementation of several ovine husbandry strategies and improved production across the flock.

In his spare time he is a keen bird lover, enjoys retrieving balls and swimming


Mr Spaniel

Junior Executive Director 

Joining the business in 2017, Mr Spaniel has taken the leading role in the nutrition department. He is responsible for grazing and rotational strategies across the paddocks.

In his spare time he enjoys eating, tummy rubs and chasing insects